Saturday :
From the moment I entered the airport things started to go sour, maybe that should have been a hint for me to stay home. The wind was practically screaming at me not to board the flight out of Louisiana. Of course the adrenaline inside of me pretended not to hear. It started with something as simple as the misplacement of my cellular phone. If there is one thing besides my head that I keep attached to my body , it would be my HTC. I specifically remember handing it to someone which I refuse to name because most of my week was tortured by this individual. Let’s call them Alisa. Over the past few days I have become to notice that Alisa has a serious illness. In my opinion, she is suffering from “Borderline Personality Disorder”. Not only because of the various mood swings , but also the depression, anxiety and number one the numerous sex partners she has encountered.
She denies ever having my phone, an untrue statement. I can pull the records up and prove the last call made from my cell was to her mother. I’m sure that states she was the last one. Correct? Well after a few minutes of searching, I was forced to just leave without it. This was about 6:20 am, the flight’s take off was scheduled for 6:40. Mind you we did not arrive until 6:06.
Before entering the actual airport there was another altercation between her and I. This time she is wondering how I am going to get back from Baltimore and how was I going to pay her pay for purchasing the flight to Baltimore. Let me back track to Friday :
It was a snow day for us Louisiana State University students. Can you believe that, yes I said a snow day. Alisa calls me at about 10:30 am inviting me to come to her house to help her work on her pitch for her new job. I agreed. Well while we were there she challenged me, doubting that I could come up with an awesome pitch. Of course I proved her wrong, by coming up with a pitch better than the one she has originally came up with. After this we chat for a few more hours about what a great opportunity it would be for me to travel with her and meet some of the higher people with the company. At first I am a bit skeptical of the idea because at this point I am positive there is no way I can afford to just up and leave to Washington DC. I decline. During lunch she makes a few business calls to friends of hers (I’m guessing). We talk about the job offer a minute more. Finally she comes up with this idea that the company will pay for it since they want to meet me so bad. Too this company I would be a blessing. I am a young college student , and that exactly what they are looking for. Before I continue , let’s make it clear that you understand I am not responsible for any type payment plan for flights or hotel fees. THE COMPANY HAS EVERYTHING IN THEIR HANDS.
Posted on 2011 Feb 10 by Racquel

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