a new begining
Nae' here hackin Doo's stuff. Only 3 days and a wake up and we will officially be moved into our brand new appartment in Baton Rouge. Im so happy that i get to spend these up and coming college years with Racquel. I know we are going to make the best of these times and opportunities. To tell the truth Racquel is the reason im going to college myself because she pushes me to be a better person and i love her for that. That being said im goin to miss JAELYNEISHA!!!

Josie: My big sister , what am i going to do without you, who am i going to talk to that will really listen and understand. Im gonna miss all those inside jokes and our shared tears. thank you so much for everything you have done for me and for makin me a better person. ill always be here for you and im onlt 45 mins away.

Terrione: My godchild my heart my world. ever since before you were born i just felt and real strong bond with you. You are so young and small and you have such a big influence on all of our lives .i love you so0o much and nanny will always be here for you.

Brittany: My cuzin, i've known you for the longest and even though we have had our ups and downs i just want you to know im really going to miss you and you better come visit br!!! and thanks for all the new stuff fa the house and everything . and im always here if you need me

Akin: my (jaelyneisha's) boyfriend , i love you with all my heart and im gunna be lost without you but we can make it through this cause we got dat real love

Gs-- love yu guys :)
raven works on mah nerves.

... thats all for now

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Posted on 2010 Aug 16 by Racquel

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