The College Life.
Well lets start by saying I have no idea what the college life is like because I have 3 whole months until i become one. I have less than a month of school yet and I am so excited. Gosh I can not wait until graduation because my family will be coming up here to support me.. YAY. But I do have to drive to Nashville two hours away to pick my mom up from the airport which i do not know how to get to:( Anyway,, Randi is having a baby.. I am soo happy for her and i hope that she has a little boy.. Maybe we can finally get rid of the lil money, that wrks on everyones nerves!!
So this boy owes me money because i decided not to go to the panama trip at the last min because i got a new job. So i let him borrow it so he would still be able to go.. Its been three weeks since he was susposed back.. So yesterday I went to his job to ask him about it because he was ignoring my calls. He hid in the back from me seriously he was hiding and wouldnt come out. The manager told me he was trying to avoid me,.. I must say this really pissed me off!
Then to make it all worse,, my brother and law was shot twice once in the head and second in his arm.. The doctors think he will be okay, but im just worried about my sister and my niece i hope everything works out.

Posted on 2010 Apr 28 by Racquel

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