Moved On..
Hey guys,,

Yep I finally moved after all of this and Im excited to have a new start and make my life better.. But I must say it was pretty hard living my family and friends because they always seem to be there whatever the case may be and i love them for that..

Well I thought what happened recently with the boyfriend would keep me down but it didnt it only made me a stronger and better person. So no I dont hate him lol like everyone is asking.. Because through it all the relationship taught me lots of things about life.. So oh well we will never speak about it again because its over and done with.. Any who there is this really sweet kid in my Arts class.. Hes a cutie haha but dont worry Im not tryna have another relationship so soon.. lol but whatever happens happens.. haha alicia says go for it.. she is so crazy but i love her..

Yepp well I was so stressed at home and omg rent is soo high ughh i had to move lol until i can save up some more money then bck to jaelyneisha

ughh well the basketball game is tommorow i think ill be attending with meg...

mhm waiting on a call from my hopefully new job haha omg my car almost went out this morning its not used to all the freezing wheather and snow.. but my gma brought me some car stuff lol..

Gotta go but answer this???

1. Ever let someone think they could make or break yu?

2. Do yu think a new start is the best thing??

3. Ever let someone really hurt yu??

My answers:

1. Yes, but in the end it was dumb because only I can make or break me.
2. Yes, itt gives yu a new look on life and all the possibilities..
3. Yes, but I LET them.. I realized my miskate and it wont happen again...

Posted on 2009 Dec 11 by Racquel

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