Life Update
-- Its Me...

So this week has went by pretty quickly.. Thank god its friday.. Mhm lets talk detail..

--Dino, (my aunts boyfriend; who practically rules the house; that he doesnt own)
makes me sick but Andrew says I should just deal with it for the time being nd i guess i have to other choice. So he changed the locks on the door and I came home and was locked out I think he does it on purpose. Then I found out he has been going in my room everyday to look.. For what I dont know.. So yesterday I changed the lock on my bedroom door. I bet that will be a problem whenever I get home. Then today my tee texted me informing me that i am not allowed to have company because I left the dpor unlocked which is not true he is just doing that to piss me off... Just Deal with it

--Randi (my cousin; the aunts daughter who no longer talks to her because of dino)
yep she wants me tp move to texas to get away from all the drama. I want to but then I dont because my life is going fine besides the junk going on at home. My friends are great my boyfriends the best and my school work is doing fan... She thinks it will be better and she wants me to be close to her. ugh i miss her.. Maybe its better

--Manny (my baby brother)
his birthday is coming up and i brought him a psp i know he loves it.. I miss him mucho since he is in texas with randi.. hopefully they will be here this weekend.. Manny is the bestest

--andrew (my heart)
he is truly the best... one of the reasons i dont wanna go to texas.. he is the sweetest .. i love being with em and i cant wait until sunday.. yup.. my cupppy cake

--brittany, lanae, josie, & licia (jaelyneisha)
my right hand chico dees,, haha i told lanae about texas nd she was like well i guess jaelyneisha is moving to texas haha no one is moving there. well mhm we got big plans for next weekend huh

friday night live: sleepover, movies, tats, and captain dick head

saturday: terrytown cafe, pictures copelands..

yup I heart them..

Doobaby: I will be opening the store up soon and I will probably need some helper if yu are interesting Contact me in the right panel.. Email me do not comment to this blog if yu want tp help..


1. Is there someone who is driving yu crazy?

2. Do yu love someone? Who? Whats It like?


3. Whats yu fav thing to do in spare time?

4. Whats yu fav sea animal?

And my sister having a Girl

Photobucket wink wink
Posted on 2009 Sep 18 by Racquel

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