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Was So Bored.. And Angry..

You were my world

You Were My Whole World
I was ya girl ya love ya lady
You was my man my thug my baby
I cared about you more than you ever knew
I had no doubt your love was true
Late at night we used to stay on the phone and talk
And the fact that we broke up put me in shock
I wasn't sure that I was the only one and when I asked about it
You'd tell me to stop trippin' off that dumb sh*t
I never got the straight answer it was like you didn't want to lie
So I said f*ck it, left you then cried
I can't sleep at night cause I hear your voice in my head
I stay up all night tossin' and turnin' in my bed
I get up to walk around and then its just fine
But when I look in the mirror I see your face next to mine
But then I think about where you could be
Are you lying with her instead of with me
I don't understand why I played along with your lie
But baby I loved you so I thought I had to try
But now I'm lost and going crazy
Because now some tramp a*s h*E as taken away my baby
But I don't think I could ever forgive you and probably never will
But when I'm old and gray I will be missing you still
I wish so bad that we were still together
But after all no one promised forever
Baby I trusted you and thought you really cared
Have you already forgotten about the nights that we shared
But I kinda always expected it from a Ni99a like you
But the words you told me sounded so true
Did you expect me to be cool with it when you said you already had a baby mama
Did you think that wasn't gonna cause drama
But you swore to me that you didn't love that silly h*e
Oooh the moment you told me that I should have let you go
I feel stupid for staying with and being your baby girl
But baby I loved you and you was my world
But you must have thought I loved you to much to let you go
So sorry boo, I don't get down like that, what you didn't know
So bay now you know I don't play
And you got me f*cked up if you thought I was gonna stay
Posted on 2009 Jun 09 by Racquel

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