New Job.. New Boy
Darrell And I are Over.. Long story Don care to share.. Nothing major really..

I have this new job at Burlington Ive been working there about two weeks now.. Yay me its pretty fun.. Especially the new boy I work with.. It really funny.. See I liked him when he went to High School with me but he grad. two years ago.. Poor me right.. lol I dont even think he knew who I was.. Well I started talking to him when we were on break.. bunch of junk nothing important.. After we leave from break he calls my name on the intercom at work lol but someone else picks up and he's like whats you number Im going to text you.. So funny she gives him her number.. Then I call him and he is so confused like well who was it the first time.. He starts texting me and then I guess the girl whoever it was comes walking by me talking to her friend like OMG I cant believe he asked me for my number.. I kinda feel bad but at the same time I think its pretty funny.. Our names really don sound the same at all so I don know why she picked up..

Working there will probably be way more fun now.. Im going to save my first few checks to buy a new laptop.. Then Ill get my site just how I want it and I wont have to work at Burlington so muchh..

Posted on 2009 Mar 24 by Racquel

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