Car Accident
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--Car Accident
Well yesterday I am just sitting in class reading a book when they start calling my car to the office. I go outside to see whats going on and they're telling me I hit someones car. Okay I'm like if I hit a car I think I would know about it. Duhhh.. But me just being polite before I even see what's going on I walk to the lady and I say well Im sorry if I hit your car and she replys "Don't you even talk to me Im so pissed at you". So I tell her excuse me mam you don have to be rude to me I was trying to say Im sorry.. She goesranting who does she think she's talking to. At this point I go to see what's going on with her car. Lol no damage at all i was parked to close to her and my wheel was turned out touching hers. So my aunt comes and her whole attitude changes now she is saying well I just want to make sure my lining it not out of place so I need your insurance. My aunt tells her dont even worry about the insurance if your lining is messed up ill pay cash for it. Now she is pissed. LOL.

After all this happened they are like you have an expired break tag. They give me a ticket and then towed my car because it can't be on school property. OMG I was pissed. But oh well now Im driving me uncle's Red Blazer and Im getting a Honda Accord. I guess it all worked out.

Posted on 2009 Mar 17 by Racquel

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