who am i

Ello WOrld,

I promised myself I would write somthing today. Everytime I get in the mood I say I would do it later and never do. Its crazy how now that I sit myself here at the computer screen I find my mind empty. I guess I'll start with some things that are on my mind. This was my homework assignment.

Who am I?

I am a mother.

Remi Logan Tillman: I love this little fat baby to death.  Lets be honest everyone thinks they have the most precious child in the world and thats really one of the biggest joys of parenthood.  Some times I just sit back and think about the days she was still in my belly.  Imagine having a little tiny person swimming in your body depending on your every step.  She is just so adorable, beautiful, amazing (i can go on and on) girl.

SD; I hate when people say, dont think about the bad stuff when bad stiff is all there is...



Posted on 2013 Apr 14 by Racquel
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